The Grilling Effect

The Grilling Effect

    Why should it cost so much to go green? Today we will be discussing propane.  It will not be the last time we discuss it but in this installment we will talk about the the backyard pasttime that is enjoyed by everyone world wide.  It is safe to say the some of us revolve the entire outdoor space around it.  It is the Propane Grill.
    Propane seems to be the best choise for heating and cooking fuel.  Of all the fossil fuels available today it would appear that the combustion of Liquid Propane emissions is far below any available carbon based fuel.  What is “far below”?  Who determines what is acceptable and far below?  The equasion below demonstrates how much weight of cobon dioxide is released as emmissions into the atmosphere.  

How much carbon does burning propane release?

The formula for the combustion of propane is:  C2H6 + 5O2 --> 2CO2 + 3H2O

    Each mole of propane creates two moles of carbon dioxide. One mole of propane is 30 g, one mole of carbon dioxide is 44 g.

So each gram of propane creates (2x44)/30)= 2.93 g of carbon dioxide on combustion.  In common terms a 20lb tank of propane for a BBQ creates a bit less than 60 lb of carbon dioxide.    
        Consider the effect this has on a warm summer day.  You are grilling with family and friends.  Most barbeques would never use up an entire tank at one shot, but consider, again, your neighbors. And their neighbors. And their neighbors.  All grilling at the same time.  Let’s just say that every home on your block was grilling at the same time and they all used  up a standard 20 pound tank of propane.  Within 7 back yards the production of carbon dioxide emmissions is almost 420 pounds of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.  Do you think you are the only neighborhood enjoying this perfect summer past time?  Consider all the other neighborhoods having the same party you are. Throughout the country, all over the world.  Some may have propane or gas run pool heaters or even heat lamps working over time to warm up the evening air. Add to that the candles keeping the bugs away. The propane powered bug zappers and mosquito killing system.  All these add up.  As an individual you may not think you are impacting the only place we can call home but you are.  We all are.        
      Multiplied by all the other homes enjoying the same outdated fueling systems which are the only things currently available to us.  We buy them because it is what we have at our disposal.  Imagine turning on your barbague and There are other alternatives.  The technology has been abvailable for many years and the materials have bee available since the beginning of time.  It is the most abundant molecule in the Universe and it has limitless potential.  It is Hydrogen.  Consider grilling your food, your friends and all the bugs at your pool party this summer with everything powered by Hydrogen.  The Hydrogen Grill is available today. There is no by product from cooking with charcoal or propane and it gives a much more efficient flame.  After all, most grill enthusiasts will say that working with a charcoal  or propane is the way to go.  But consider this.  With anything new all skills need to be refined.  Cooking with a flame is cooking with a flame.  Anyone who grills for fun or profession or competition had to hoan their skills.  They had to get farmiliar with the tools before they became good at them.  

    I am stearing away from the point.  If something causes damage would you use it?  If something causes no damage would you choose that instead?  
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